Passive Skew Update

It’s hard to imagine that in December 2021 we knocked down our tiny two-bedroom house to build our new home.

All of 2022 was spent building. You can read about the beginning of our journey here – Building a Passive House and here Passive Skew update.

While it would have been nice to have the build completed in a year, sometimes things are out of control.

In 2023, we will move into our home, don’t ask us when because we don’t even know.

With the internal fit-out well on its way, things are slowly coming together.

January saw the plaster go up.

To keep costs down, we did the painting ourselves. Well, more of Tom did all the painting himself. We had a scaffold on loan to do the living area (high ceilings).

The kitchen kit has been ordered via Ballarat Joinery Supplies. We designed it, and they are creating it as a kit set, for us to do up ourselves.

One of the highlights of the house will be the stairs to the loft.

The stairs are made from the floorboards in the main room of the old house. We suspect they are at least 150 years old. It’s a little piece of the old house with the new. This is just one of the elements of the old house that we have carried over into the new.

While we are unsure of our official move-in date, the wait will be worth it.

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