Mindful Monday: Seasons of Sacrifice

What is a season of sacrifice?

It’s a period of time in your life when you have to put something away in order to serve what is right in front of you.

COVID unintentionally happened to be our season.

In this season of sacrifice, we gave up a lot and made many changes to our lives in order to build our house.

A season of change

  • We relocated from Stawell to Halls Gap
  • Living with the in-laws
  • 80% of our belongings are in storage
  • The daily commute to Stawell for work and house build
  • Kids taking the bus to school

These were just some of the changes that we would have to make. But it was a small sacrifice we were willing to make knowing it wouldn’t be forever.

Now we are on the tail end of the house build (the internal fit-out), and soon we will be back in Stawell living in our new home.

While there have been many challenges, we have navigated our way through each one. From coordinating picking up kids from afterschool activities to avoiding kangaroos on the commute into Stawell.

I’ve enjoyed my time living in Halls Gap. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to train for another Ultra in 2022 – the LumberJack 50k at the Warburton Trail Festival. With the Grampians/Gariwerd right on our doorstep, it just made sense.

This season will soon come to an end, and we will get to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

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