Speedwork Session #38: Matter of Time

When you first start running, running for 30 seconds feels like a lifetime.

Slowly over time, you build up your stamina and you find that you can run 30 minutes nonstop. Soon enough you’re running for an hour or even longer.

Sort intervals can be taken for granted, but they are just as effective in making you faster over your longer tempo intervals.

It’s in these short intervals that you gain your fitness for your shorter distances races like the 5k and even the 10km distance.

The aim of this session is to pick up your speed, but it not being an all-out sprint.

Your recovery is short enough to catch your breath before you start all over again.

Matter of Time

Total Session Time: 40 minutes, with 12 minutes of “Fast” Running.

What’s fast running? 3-5km pace

What’s easy? That’s up to you, if you need to walk, then walk. No judgement here.

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