Mindful Monday: No is a complete sentence

While saying yes is important in opening us up to new possibilities, saying no is just as important.

No, is a complete sentence and you shouldn’t have to justify you’re no.

Saying no is a boundary.

There are many ways to say no, without saying NO.

One of my personal favourites is:

While some may say “don’t delay the inevitable”, saying no in this way allows you to become more confident in your no when you are ready to deliver it.

Why are we so scared of saying No?

It all comes down to the fear of rejection, disappointing someone or even ourselves, or getting someone else angry.

Saying NO doesn’t make you rude, unkind, or selfish. Saying no allows us to advocate for ourselves and to find the things that fall in line with our beliefs and our values and find the things that will bring us wonder and joy.

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