Book Review: Project Hail Mary

By Andy Weir

Hardcover: 476 pages
Mi Rating: ★★★★ (4.75)

Grace wakes up alone, in space.

He doesn’t remember his name, or why he is in space.

He does know however that he is on a mission, but a mission for what?

With flashbacks, we learn that Grace taught middle school science. This was a job that he settled into after he wrote a science paper that had a very unpopular opinion.

That all changes when we find out that the sun is dying, and Grace stumbles on a discovery, and thus he is thrust into saving the world.

It was the June school holidays, and we were down visiting my parents.

I needed to get a present for my sister for her birthday. I decided to buy her a few books, as she is an avid reader like myself.

While she was browsing the shelves I noticed that the bookstore had a whole display shelf of books wrapped in brown paper, with three words written on the paper.

The book I picked up had the words: Interstellar, flashbacks, and mission.

It’s so easy to judge a book by the cover, instead, I decided to trust the recommendation of the staff of the book store and go on a blind date.

Arriving home, I excitedly unwrapped the book. When I saw what it was I was super excited. I had seen this book floating around on booktok, and heard good reviews.

I’ve read fantasy but surprisingly not sci-fi. This book has changed that.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more from Andy Weir.

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