Book review: Everything is Changed

By Nova Weetman

Paperback: 262 pages
Mi Rating: ★★★ (3)

Jake and Alex aged 15 are best mates, but come from very different demographics.

Jake comes from a single-parent home. Living in a small unit with his mum, who works long hours as a nurse.

He loves science and is looking at further study into this field.

Alex however is about to embark on a new adventure, moving to a more affluent suburb, with a new home and of course private school education.

But in a moment of spontaneity, a mistake will change the course of their lives forever.

Told in reverse (like the 2000 movie Momento starring Guy Pearce). The novel goes back through events and documents how their lives, and those around them, fall apart.

As a parent, it was interesting to get into the head of 15-year-old boys. You can clearly see how their brain works differently from those of girls of the same age.

Would have Alex and Jake have stayed friends? I’d highly doubt it.

Should they have spoken up sooner? Without a doubt.

Everything has changed, which shows us how guilt affects everyone differently. That we are responsible for our actions, and that we must face our mistakes and the consequences.

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