Book Review: One Night Stand

by Simon Taylor

Paperback: 240 Pages
Mi Rating: ★★ (2.75)

I stumbled upon this book while browsing the library shelves. I picked it up put it back and then decided Nah I’ll read it because it’s short.

Ben, a comedian, in his late twenties, has a one-night stand with Tash.

Weeks later Tash calls him up out of the blue to tell him that she is pregnant.

While on the outside it appears that Ben is aloof and directionless, on the inside finding out that he has knocked a girl up has really made him questions life, and what he really wants.

Then Ben learns the truth.

While I won’t spoil the ending (because like others have said it’s not what you would expect), Ben does grow up. And you like him for that.

Oh, and who doesn’t do a bit of Facebook stalking on exes.

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