So you want to invest in a headlamp

Whether you are a pre-dawn runner, or a sunset runner. Running outside in fading daylight has it’s challenges.

As we are coming into the cooler months, the days are getting shorter and the most common thread theme I hear on various running forums is “I want to get a headlamp, what do I get?”

My answer is always the same.

Buy however many lumens you can afford

Cost is always going to be a huge factor.

You can never wrong with more lumens. The more lumens means the more you will be able to see.

Other questions to consider are:

  • Is the headlamp rechargeable or a single-use battery?
  • Do you live in the city or the country?
  • Are you are trail runner, ultra runner or urban runner?

How you answered these questions will help you determine what type of headlamp will suit your needs.

Urban Runners

If you are a runner that lives in an area where the streets are fairly well lit.

A headlamp will be used not only to illuminate the area but to alert other pedestrians, cyclists but most importantly motorist that you are out on the road.

Look for a headlamp that has a MINIMUM of 70 lumens.

You’ll be able to fine a product that suits your basic needs at, Bunning’s, BCF, Woolworths etc.

Price Range- $30-$50

Country Runners

If you are like me and live in the sticks, 70 lumens is ok but 125 lumens is better.

With street lights few and far between you need the extra light to really see your surroundings.

Check out camping supply stores.

Price Range- $75-$150

Trail & Ultra Runners

Now this is where it’s time to get serious.

Do not even bother with anything less than 250 lumens. You want to be able to see a much as possible.

The other questions you need to consider are:

  • How long is the battery life at full power (full luminosity)?
  • Can I get a replacement battery?
  • Can I adjust the angle of the light?
  • How many light option settings are there?
  • How heavy is it?
  • Do I want a headlamp? or a waist-lamp?
  • How much do I want to spend?

Keeping your answers in mind will determine on the type of headlamp you will invest in.

Brands to check out are:

Also check out speciality stores like:

Price Range- $150-$300+

Now that you have chosen your new running toy, go out an enjoy those night runs.

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