Book Review: Red, White & Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston

Paperback: 421 Pages
Mi Rating: ★★★ (3.75)

Red White & Royal blue tells the story of Alex and Henry.

Alex is the first son of the president of the USA, Ellen Claremont.

While Henry is a royal prince of England.

They really do not like each other.

When photo’s of a confrontation at a royal wedding are leaked to the tabloids and threaten American and British relations. Henry and Alex are forced into a fake friendship and play nice.

Building a friendship with your nemesis isn’t easy, but slowly over time, they realise that there so something so much more.

With witty banter, you will enjoy watching their relationship bloom.

Mi Reading Challenge: Read a book everyone is talking about.

An LGTBQ+ book, this was really cute and delightful, and I can understand the hype.

It also makes me wonder.

If any of Prince Wiliam’s or Prince Harry’s children were LGTBQ+ I would not care.

I would not care if there was a Queen ruling with a Queen or a King besides a King. I’d be totally ok with it.

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