Summer Running Essentials

Running in the summer has it’s own challenges.

Not all of us have the luxury of running early in the morning to beat the heat, or even a treadmill in an airconditioned room.

Some of us, have no other choice but to run when it’s heat has risen to it’s maximum in the late afternoon or evening.

So how do you run in the summer and not suffer?

These are my tips for running during the hotter months.

1. Run by Heart Rate, Not Pace

There is no need to be a speed demon in the heat.  In fact, you’ll just wear yourself out. 

You will natural slow down due to the heat. It’s ok to take your runs easy, and in fact, it’s all the more reason why you should base your workouts on feel or heart rate and not by pace. 

While heart rate effort is not pace, it’s more important during the summer months to keep your heart rate below the red zone. 

2. Carry Water

All my runs during summer no matter the distance, I carry water.  

It’s more so to keep my mouth and lips moist than it is to drink because I’m thirsty. 

If you choose not to carry water, run a route where you know you have access to water. 

3. Sunscreen

I don’t like wearing sunscreen at the best of times.  I rather cover up than wear it. 

However, I do wear it during summer runs.  I use the generic Woolies sunscreen on everywhere but my face.  

As someone who suffers from sensitive skin, I can not use sunscreen that has this ingredient 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor 25 mg/g. I break out in hives and takes my skin days to recover from.

I use a different sunscreen on my face, Swisse Natural Defence, unfortunately it looks like it’s been discontinued. *insert sad face*

Why a different sunscreen? Well the Swisse one doesn’t sting my eyes. I’ll have to look for an alternative when it’s empty.

4. Hat

If you, like me run in the afternoon, then a hat is a must. It will shade your face, and also capture the sweat.

My personal preference is using a broad rim hat with a legionnaires.


Right this is for all the creators, manufactures, retailers & suppliers of all camping & adventure places in Australia. LISTEN UP.

Australia is the SKIN CANCER CAPITAL of the world. We have more cases of skin cancer here than anywhere else in the world.

Now I’m a runner, a hiker, a walker and all-round adventurian. I want a hat that is a broad rim, has legionaries, and a GOD DAMN HOLE for a ponytail. Oh and I don’t want it in boring beige or navy. I want fun funky bright colours. Is that so much to ask?

Apparently so! Because I had to hack a hat (and it’s in boring beige, see above image), because nothing fit my criteria.


.5 Cooling Bandana

I picked one of these up at Total Work Wear, while in Melbourne. One of the best investments for summer running.

Simply soak it in water prior to running, it absorbs the water, and then wear it around your neck. Keep it in the fridge for 30 mintues prior to leaving if you want it extra cool.

It will absorb the heat and does keep you cooler.

Post Workout Cooldown Tips

You’ve come back from your run, you are hot, and need to cool down.

These are my 3 top tips to cool you down quickly.

6. Stand in front of the Aircon

This allows your body to get back to a cooler temperature. If this is not an option for you, then do the next 2 tips.

7. Eat Ice

One of the quickest ways to cool down is cooling down internally.

Your body is like a computer. A computer has an internal fan to keep all it’s working components cool. If it gets too hot, then it shuts down.

Our bodies are the same, which is why ice work such efficiently.

Yes, this is your excuse to go get a slushy.

8. Have a Cold Shower

If this is a challenge for you, gradually reduce the hot water, and end with a cold blast.

It’s actually not as daunting, and quite refreshing.


Or you could be really courageous and have an ice bath.

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