Book Review: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

By V.E Schwab

Paperback: 560
Mi Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

It’s 1714, and Addie out of pure desperation prays to the gods so she doesn’t have to marry the man that has been arranged for her.

She makes the mistake of praying to the gods of the dark, and one grants her wish.

But her freedom comes at a cost.

That no one will remember her.

For 300 years, Addie wanders the lands, not able to make any relationships as no one remembers her, but so desperately trying to leave her mark on the world.

Then one day in 2014 in New York a random encounter at a used book store she hears three words that shock her to her core “I remember you”.

Mi Reading Challenge: Read a book found on TikTok.

There are been many books recommended to me on TikTok. The first book ever recommended to me was Six of Crows. I DNF so hard on that book (it still gets recommended to me, I might try again but as an audiobook).

It was Jaysen (aka Ezeekat) on TikTok’s, description of this book, that made me read this book. Oh, boy am I glad I did.

It is slow going, but it’s so interesting to learn how Addie has to live her life in those 300 years, and how she grows in that time.

It’s hauntingly beautiful and one that you will enjoy.

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