Trail Running Gear Guide for the Newbie

Trail Running has gained more popularity in the last few years.

Many road runners turn to trails to change things up or just to have an adventure.

Whatever the reason, if you are looking to get into trail running then here are my top 4 gear recommendations.

.1. Shoes

This all depends on the type of trail running you will be doing.

Some trails you will be fine in normal road running shoes.

There are many differences between road and trail shoes.  The main being the tread or lug on the soles.

The other difference is the outer material. Trail shoes will get a beating, so tend to be a bit stronger.

New Balance Hierro V3

Most brands offer an equivalent trail shoe from its road shoe.

.2. Hydration Pack / Vest

The hydration pack or vest you choose should be based on what type of trail adventure you are going to have.  This will determine what gear you need to carry.

If you plan on running an Ultra, then invest in a pack that has lots of pockets and bigger storage capacity so you can carry all your mandatory gear.

Shorter 10k or half marathon distances more your thing?  Then you’ll want a pack where you have the ability to carry some water and fuel.

.3. Watch

If you are trail running and still using your phone to track your runs.  Then you really need to invest in a watch.

Not only with a GPS watch will give you more reliable data, you won’t drain the battery of your phone.

DC Rainmaker is an excellent resource to help you find the watch for your needs.

.4. Clothing

What you wear should be comfortable.

There is nothing worse than having a tag scratch you, or shorts that ride up or worst still, chaffing.

Choose articles of clothing that are comfortable, and weather appropriate.

Also, check out my Trail Running Gift Guide for other gear ideas.

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