Trail & Ultra Runner Gift Guide

Have a runner in your life?  No idea what to get them for Christmas (or a birthday, or just because).

Well look no further, as a runner, I can tell you there are so many options!

10 Gifts to get any Trail or Ultra Runner

.1. Long-sleeved thermal

Your winters cold?  Then thermals are a must.

Thermals usually become a mandatory gear item for many events.  They are lightweight and warm.

You normally have 3 options when it comes to thermals, a man-made polypro blend.  Merino is a superior natural blend.  While I’ve never tried it, you also have the option for bamboo thermals.

Personally I like merino.

.2. Compass

Is your love one directionally challenged?

Then a compass is a must, especially if they love trail running and ultras. You can pick up a small button compass’ for around $10, they then can clip onto their pack or have in a pocket.

Bonus points, if it’s also combined as a whistle and magnifying glass!

.3. Soft flasks

Most trail events will require you to carry the capacity to carry a minimum amount of water.

This is why soft flasks are so great.  You can have them in your pack, but not have them filled.

It also means you can fill each flask up with whatever floats your boat, from tailwind, to water, even coke.

.4. Emergency blanket

Aka Space blanket

This is a mandatory item for any trail runner.  If your loved one has shown an interest in trails, pick up one of these up at any good camping store, or if you are in a pinch, the chemist

.5. First aid kit

Sure you can buy a small first aid kit, or you can make up your own for a more personalised gift.

In my kit I have the following:

  • Crepe bandage
  • Snake bandage
  • Safety pins
  • Band-aids (various sizes)
  • Toilet paper
  • Paracetamol
  • Emergency food

.6. Small torch

For the runner that does early morning runs, but doesn’t want to turn on the light and wake up the whole house.

Also passes mandatory gear checks.

.7. Foam Roller

They come in various sizes and forms.

Foam rollers are designed to help reduce pain and increase mobility.

.8. Spikey ball

These trigger balls will get right in the depths that the foam roller won’t or can’t go.

Torture, but hurts so good in a sadistic way.

.9. Race belt/bib clips

I have both, and I prefer the race belt because that allows me to have layers of clothing. While bib clips are attached to clothing.

All depends on what your runner does.

They’ll be happy with either one.

.10. Training Journal

There is something about putting pen to paper that is much more satisfying than an online journal.

It’s a great tool to help any runner track their progress.

Looking for more ideas, then check out last year’s gift guide here >>

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