53 Tuesdays #5

Last night Tom told me that there was an Orb spider hanging out in the lavender in our front garden.

I thought Orby would be a good photo opportunity for my 53 Tuesday project.

So after coming back from my run, and having a shower I grabbed the camera and went out to inspect.

Orby was in hiding, he must have known that I was coming.  I found his web but didn’t find him.

I decided that the light was too nice and that I would focus on the lavender instead.

With the extension tube on my 40mm lens had now become a macro, so it was just a matter of finding it’s sweet spot.

Golden hour was in full force and the glow on the lavender was just exquisite.

Suddenly a damselfly appeared and landed on one of the lavender buds.

Quietly and slowly I made my way in and captured it before it flew away.

Tuesday #5

Location: Our front garden
Lens: 40mm with extension tube
ISO: 250
F/Stop: 5.6
Speed: 1/320

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