Smash: 19 in 2019

I’m so excited to smash out my goals for 2019.

Goals are something that I set every year.  So this year is no different.

This year I have some big plans.

Then there are things that I want to try or do. I think it’s important to do small achievable stuff, and of course, keep it fun.

19 Goals in 2019

  1. Run the year – 2019km
  2. Run UTA22
  3. Run my first Ultra – Surf Coast Century (50k)
  4. Run from Jimmy Creek to Mt William
  5. Run from Zummustiens to Halls Gap
  6. Read/Listen 40 books
  7. Magic Mile retest
  8. Beep test
  9. Build Shed
  10. Build House
  11. Create a custom perfume
  12. Yearly photography project – 53 Tuesday’s
  13. Create a 2019 running playlist
  14. Visit Lerdergerd
  15. Visit Werribee Gorge
  16. Visit Hanging Rock
  17. Visit Mt Eccles
  18. Visit a parkrun I haven’t been to before
  19. ReBrand

Last year I struggled to find 18 items.  This year I was swarming in ideas.  Once one comes off, I know another will come on.  When I do I’ll update the list.

What things do you want to achieve this year?

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