What to Read for 2019

Normally I create a list of all the books that I have read for the year, at the end of the year.

For 2019 I’ve decided to do flip my reading list and do it in reverse.

You see, I always struggle to decide what to read next.  I have HUNDREDS of books, ebooks and audio books that I want to read.

Then there are the books/series that I loved so much that I want to re-read.

There are also books I haven’t read in forever and I need to decide whether I want to keep them or not.

When Brendon Burchard mentioned in a podcast that he makes a list of all the books he will read, I decided to take on that advice and do the same.

Every year, I set a reading goal for the year, and of course, this year is no different.

I’d ultimately love to get to 60, that’s the stretch goal.  However, let’s be realistic here 40 is doable, so I’m going to aim for that.

What I’m reading in 2019

A – Audiobook
NF – Non-Fiction
RR – Re-Read

  1. Wilde Like Me – Louise Pentland (a)
  2. Little Fires Everywhere – Celeste Ng (a)
  3. One Little Mistake – Emma Curtis (a)
  4. Open Wide – Melissa Ambrosini (a)
  5. Wonder – Pabuel Jaramillio (a)
  6. My Mothers Secret
  7. If I forget you
  8. The Charge – Brendon Burchard (nf)
  9. Growing Great Girls (nf)
  10. The Lavender Keeper
  11. Toxic Childhood (nf)
  12. Rapture (rr)
  13. Shiver (rr)
  14. Unforgiven
  15. Merde Actually
  16. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  17. Finding Cinderella
  18. Husband Hunters
  19. Every Wrong Reason
  20. The mason list
  21. After You
  22. The girl with the lower back tattoo (nf)
  23. Watership Down
  24. Lift like a girl (nf)
  25. Level up your life (nf)
  26. Fate
  27. Mexican Kimono
  28. Beautiful Oblivion
  29. Paris for One
  30. Just One Kiss
  31. The Body Electric
  32. The girl with no Name
  33. Heart-Shaped Hack
  34. Winters Storm (a)
  35. Big Magic (a & nf)
  36. Right Behind you (a)
  37. Girl Wash your Face
  38. Fangirl
  39. Four Seconds to Lose
  40. Me Since You

For the record, this isn’t the order I plan on reading these books.  I shall pick randomly, and rotate from ebook to audio, to ones from the bookshelf.

To keep myself accountable, I’ve also decided to do quarterly book check-ins and mini-reviews.

Do you have a reading goal for 2019?
Recommend me a book!

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