Race Review: Goldfields Trail Run

Event: Goldfields Trail Run
Distance: 5km, 10km, Half Marathon
Type: Loop
Where: Crusoe Reserve, Bendigo, Vic
Start/Finish: Crusoe Reserve
Event Partners / Supporters: Trail Run Australia, In2Adventure, BareNaked Bars

It was June when I first came across an event being held in Bendigo, hosted by Trail Run Australia.

With entry to the event at the early bird price of $40, I thought it would be a good birthday present for myself. Having never run any events around Bendigo, I thought it would be a nice change and sort of local.

Having only done one event prior to this year, the Australian Running Festival, it was time to take things back off the road for my first and only trail event for the year.

We stayed overnight in Bendigo in an Airbnb, which meant only a 10-minute drive to the event location.

The event day was overcast and cold. I questioned the decision to wear a singlet and just hope that the cloud would burn off.

The event itself was pretty low-key, with no more than 70 people in the half marathon.

Starting at the reserve, we followed an MVO track before going quite literally off-track into Ironbark country following animal tracks.

The environment was very similar to what we have at home and I felt very comfortable in my surroundings.

Around the 6 marks would start out ascent to ‘Big Hill’, with 4km of an uphill single trail and unusually quiet technical track.

I was passed by a few men and 3 women, including 2 women in pink.

Not knowing where I was placed in the pack, I didn’t want to get past anyone else, so I concentrated on small steps on in the uphills, only having to walk where I couldn’t run anymore.

At the halfway mark, I sent a message to Tom to let him know that I was midway.  By this time the sun was out and it had warmed up, the decision to wear a singlet paid off.  However I failed to wear sunscreen, so I did get a tad burnt.

It was then I decided to plug in my earphones and play music to distract me from my mind, as I could feel that imposter complex rearing her ugly head.

Not long after this, I tripped and fell.  The ground was soft, and I tripped on a rock as I was lifting my right leg from the ground.  I could sense I was going to fall.  Trying to gain my balance, my left foot has landed on very soft topsoil, and I’ve slipped and grazed my right leg.  All superficial.  I stopped to make sure I was ok, dusted myself off and pushed on.

If anything my right elbow and shoulder took the brunt of it, and I knew they would be sore later.

Taking the next kilometre easy just to get my bearings I took on some water and a gel.  My focus was now to gain back some ground from the lady that was in front of me.

Having studied the elevation profile, I knew the second half of this event would be downhill, with a few rolling hills.

My pace quickened as I found my rhythm. I passed the lady who I had been chasing.  Upon passing her I told her I had been trying to catch her forever, that she was racing well, and to keep it up.

Those ladies in pink were my next focus.  With one step in front of the other, I gained ground and floated past them. Did they know they were going to hard and fast on Big Hill? Who knows, all I know is that I wanted them behind me.

Not long after, I had them chasing my tail.

My feet were hurting, and I knew I had some blisters, how bad I wouldn’t know until I finished.  Instead of focusing on that, I kept the flow and just concentrated on the track ahead of me.

Once I passed another runner my confidence was building.  All my training was paying off.  A quick glance at my watch and I knew that I could get a sub 2 hours.  That would mean my fastest trail race.

With the reserve coming into sight, the end was near.  Running along the wall you could see the end banner.  Pumping my arms faster I just wanted to cross that finish line.

I crossed the line in a time of 1h59m57s.  Just scrapping in with a sub 2 hours.

It was then I found out I was outright 3rd female. I was shocked.  No way! I raced hard and it paid off. Outright 3rd, and 2nd in my age category.

Overall, a low-key quite event, which was perfect to end my racing season.

I’ll definitely be adding their other events to my run bucket list.

Oh, and I did get some ripper blisters, oh both feet in the same location.  Somehow I don’t think my trail shoe suits speed.  Maybe I need to ask Santa for some new shoes.

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