Ultimate Running Date #53

I find that whenever October rolls around, the end of the year just flashes by way to fast.

You see, from October my timeline looks like this:

  • 1st October – Dad’s Birthday
  • 3rd October – Husband’s Birthday
  • All weekends in October – Kayla’s dance rehearsals
  • Concert / Running Event
  • Kayla’s Dance Concert
  • 15th November – Mum’s Birthday
  • 7th December – Kayla’s Birthday
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • 3rd January – Miles’ Birthday

Are you tired yet?

That, and throw in working full-time in retail.

So that is why this month’s ultimate running date covers October & November.

First up, what is the deal with the weather? It has been all over the place!  There have been days, where I have worn a singlet and shorts, then there have been days where I’ve had to break out the winter gear.

We’ve also had a shift to daylight savings.  This has meant that I’ve had to go back to wearing my headlamp but not for long.

October Running Statistics

Distance – 205km
Total Hours – 27
Longest Distance 
– 19.7km
Number of Activities 
– 26

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 1812 km
Monthly Average – 181.2 km
2018 Prediction – 2174 km

October was to be my peak training month for my upcoming trail event.

Getting a virus, however, saw me lose at least 10 days of training.  While this wasn’t ideal, my body obviously needed a rest after a big month with RED September.

This did mean when I was feeling better, I was coming to the height of training volume.  Making some modifications to my training runs meant I was able to have quality runs on a reduced training load.

My first long run back was on the trails.  Having not run trails in a while, I felt very unfit.  It didn’t take long to find my groove a few more trail runs and be ready for my trail event.

One thing I love about running in spring, is all the wildflowers.  Check out this grass tree in bloom.

November Running Statistics

Distance – 190 km
Total Hours – 26
Longest Distance 
– 21.8 km
Number of Activities 
– 25

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 2002 km
Monthly Average – 182 km
2018 Prediction – 2184 km

November = race month.  This meant that all long runs were out on the trails.

A last-minute decision turned one of my long runs into running the Major Mitchell Plateau.  Tom and I hiked this in March 2016. Running it had never crossed my mind until a friend and her husband did it earlier in the year.  I added it to my bucket list, thinking it would be something to do in 2019.

On the 4th of November, it was decided that I would do it, and wow what a challenge.  Loved every minute of it though.

Grampians Peaks Trail

The first 5 k’s were really technical, and need track improvement (which will eventually happen).

Major track changes from Boundary Gap to Jimmy Creek have meant that the last 6-7 km were much more enjoyable. That, and I had to get back to Jimmy Creek, as Kayla was going to be late (and she was by like 10 minutes) for one of her dance rehearsals.

Let’s just say I couldn’t walk properly and stairs were my nemesis for days.

Would I do it again?

Hell Yeah!

How’s your running going? Post in the comments to let me know. 

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