Ultimate Running Date #50

Have you got those shoes ready? Is GPS ready to go? Good, let’s get to it.  Let’s go running!

We are officially in our last month of winter. Woohoo.  It’s always around this time of year, that I’m just done with winter. Thankfully we don’t live in a climate where we have extreme weather, snow storms and blizzards. Yes, we get frosty mornings and fogs, but I’d much rather that, than snow. Yeah, no thanks.

July sees the end of my 10km training plan.  I didn’t get the PB I was after at my run club event.  My time was 47:27. Which don’t get me wrong is a good time, but it wasn’t the time I was hoping for (46 min).  I will get another opportunity to get that elusive 10k pb, and by the time this is published, I will have it or I won’t.

Either way, I’ve come to the realisation that I just don’t think the 10 is my distance. This awareness came when a fellow running friend posted on Facebook that entering a 10km race with a friend gave her more joy and excitement than the thought of entering the half marathon distance.

It got me thinking.  It made me realise that the 10k is just not for me, and thus we are going to break up.  This break-up will happen after the next SAAC race.

I may have another crack at it next year, but for now, I’m happy to see the back end of that ‘racing distance’.

If I do decide to try this distance again, I will choose a different training plan, as the plan I chose, I don’t think challenged me, or pushed me like the half marathon training plan for Canberra.

July Running Statistics

Distance – 152km
Total Hours – 17
Longest Distance 
– 16.5 km
Number of Activities 
– 23

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 1199km
Monthly Average – 171.3km
2018 Prediction – 2,055 km

August will see me start a new training phase.  I’ve decided to bite the bullet and use the Polar Training plan for the Gold Fields trail run in November.

So until next time, Happy Running!

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