High Five Friday #52

We all love Friday.

Can we have a woot!

This year I thought I would change things up with the High Five Friday posts.

This year I shall share my hero image for the month.

January Hero Image

This one was taken at the end of our hike called “a room with a view”.  There was no room, just a bench.  But the view.


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This year I’ve decided that I would share 5 things that I have found funny, inspiring or interesting.

High Five These Things

.1. Five Phases to Recover from a back injury

This one is brought to you by the people at Breaking Muscles, as someone who has suffered from a back injury, all these phases were vital to my recovery.

.2. Fastest 10km Training plans

Want to run your fastest 10km? Well, Women’s Running¬†have you covered. With 3 different plans, you can reach your race goal.

.3. 10 Habits of Brave Women

Jen is the creator of Sparta Chicks.  She brings women from all around the world who enjoy triathlons or trail running together, making them feel more confident and to pursue big things.

In this blog post, she gives you 10 habits that Brave Women (like you) give that allow them to put aside their fear and keep moving forward.

.4. Screaming Man aka Jimmy Barnes

We all remember the fox song right?

The song that you just simply didn’t know if you loved it or hate it.

Well, I stumbled upon this song called Big Enough, and well I have no words.

From the whistle to the bad lyrics, but the Jimmy Barnes, oh my. It’s so ridiculous it’s good.

.5. To Succeed at anything, do this

One of the podcasts I regularly listen to is the Good Life Project.

In this particular episode, Jonathan shares 7 tips to success. Grab a pen and paper because this one is fantastic.

You can download the episode here.

What do you give a high five to for January?

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