3 More Reasons Why I Love My Polar M430

I’ve had my Polar M430 now for nearly 6 months, and I thought I loved it, but I was wrong.

I love it even more!

Yes, that’s right. I thought I knew my watch, but alas I did not know its full capabilities until now.

Sure Polar has this thing called a user guide, which I did read, but reading a guide doesn’t give you the full effect of a product until you really use it.

It all started with me wanting to do intervals.

1. The Diary

I’ve been using the interval timer on the watch since the M400 days.

Well, little did I know that there is another feature that is far superior to the interval timer, and that is training targets!

Training targets are created via the diary on flow. polar, or via the app.

It’s super easy to use, with the option to save the workout as a favourite, so you can access it at any time.

2. Sport Profiles

Depending on the activity I’m doing will determine what I want to see on my watch.

Circuit training, I just want duration and heart rate.

Hiking, I want distance, duration, and elevation.

It’s easy to cycle through to the profile I want to record.

3. Pace Zone Settings

This little gem is hidden in sports profiles, and it is so handy to customise.

I discovered this one as one of the runs on my training plan had me running different speed intervals.

Rather than look at my watch a million times throughout my run, I thought there had to be an easier way and guess what! There is, Polar think of everything!

Changing from the default speed settings to Free I was able to customise 5 different speed zones.

This allows me to run my intervals at my target pace.

With the vibration capabilities on the watch, I’m easily informed when I’m over or under my select zone.

This option is also available for Heart Rate.

So there you have it, 3 more reasons why I love my Polar M430.

What GPS watch do you have?
What do you love about it?
What do you wish you could change?

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