May; Where’s it at

Another month gone!

May went in a blink of an eye.  That means it’s my birthday soon.  I don’t know if I should be excited or sad about that.

Here’s May’s collection of words:

Knitting – With the cooler weather fast approaching, the knitting needles have made their annual appearance for updated beanies.

Reading – Gone by Michael Grant. I will admit that it’s taken me longer to read than it should be because I’ve been doing more knitting than reading.

Whole Life Challenge – Officially started on May 20th. I got my dates wrong on it and thought it started on May 21st. This is what happens when you don’t read the emails they send you.
While a rocky start, so far so good.

Sleep Cycle – Is an app I’m using to track my sleep.  I could wear my watch, but it’s uncomfortable, using this app is much easier.

Lentils – I admit I don’t eat a lot of them. However, they will be making more of a feature in our lives because they are a great protein source, and open up a lot of doors when it comes to Meat Free Monday’s.

Run The Gap – Numbers were down, as there were other major events on the same weekend.  While I work on Sunday’s now, I still helped out with some course marking on Saturday.

And yes it will be back next year.  Save the date 27th May 2018, and book the weekend.

TV Series – We’ve been watching Scandal.  We’re nearly at the end of season 4.  I don’t have season 5 or 6 yet, but what should I watch next when we are done.  I have Hart of Dixie and Once Upon a Time. Hmm, decisions.

Nostalgia – Kidspot shared the other day that Girlfriend (an Australian 90’s girl band), were going to have a reunion. Of course, I got a bit nostalgic and started listening to songs around that time.

Then I came across Frente!

This was always my fav Frente! Song.  They also do an elegant version of Bizare Love Triangle.

What words would you use to describe your May?

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