High Five Friday #48

High Five Friday started off as a weekly cap.

Then it got moved to fortnightly.

Then monthly.

Well, I apologise now that I have failed epically on High Five Friday.

My last HFF post was back in March. MARCH! Oh dear lordy, I’m so sorry I have been so slack.

So let’s catch up with things that have been happening at RunMum headquarters since then.

Five Pictures

  1. While out walking Tom & I noticed this house.  We’ve actually never noticed it before, yet have been past it many times.  It’s quite unloved but makes for a great photo.
  2. Took this one of the kids while we were out for dinner at the Halls Gap pub.  We don’t go out for dinner all that often, so they were quite chuffed to feel so spoiled.
  3. We decided to do some maintenance on our geocache.  Funnily enough, we placed it nearly a year to the day of maintenance checking.
  4. The photo is of crap quality but it was so super foggy during this particular early morning run.
  5. My dad and Miles spent some quality one on one time.

Five Things

  1. With UTA having just ended, and all the events that I’m doing this year are Trail.  I thought it would be a good idea to share this article – 10 Tips for Trail Running
  2. This family capture the essence of trail running to a tea – Where you find
  3. Have a bazillion race t-shirts and don’t know what to do with them all?  Love this guy’s method of turning a shirt into a flap.
  4. I came across this article before I got injured, but I saved it because it was a great analogy – Endurance Athletes a beer-drinking analogy
  5. Simple cartoons to put a smile on your dial – Liz Climo’s utterly cute world

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