Race Recap: Werribee Mansion Run

EventWerribee Mansion Fun Run
Date: 24th April 2016
Distance: 21km / 10km / 5.5km / 3.5km / Kids Dash
Type: Loop, with There & Backs
Track Type: Mixed.  Gravel, footpath, grass, granitic sand.
Where: Werribee Mansion, Werribee
Event Partners/Sponsors: My Physio, Wyndham City Council, Steigen

The Werribee Mansion run was my fallback event after I was unable to run Run the Rock, due to work commitments.

Located at Werribee Park, this event had many run options from a Kid’s Dash up to the Half Marathon distance.

I chose to do the 10km distance.

My game plan for this event was to run at a tempo pace, but not run a PB.

My reasoning for this was that I still had to back up this run with an 8km night run, in prep for wings for a life on the 8th of May.

It was a glorious day, and quite warm for late April.  I regrettably didn’t pack a hat or sunglasses, but I survived all the same.


The Werribee Mansion was built between 1874 and 1877.

Werribee Mansion Run Start

With 10 hectares of grounds to explore, the park itself is free to enter.  There is however an entry fee to explore the interior of the Mansion itself.
With a warm-up at 8 am, we 10km and made our way to the start shoot.

Self-seeding was implied.

Based on last year’s results, I knew to place myself at the front, but not in the lead pack.

Werribee Mansion Start (2)

While in the start chute, I started talking to the lady next to me, who I discovered was another RMA’er.

There were quite a few of us out of course, and I cheered them on whenever I was able to.

The first 2km take in the immediate grounds of the Mansion, which are well sheltered.

I really had to hold back my pace, in that 1st km.  I could have gone a lot faster but didn’t want to burn myself out.

My goal for the race was to keep a pace of around 4:45.

There were runners that past me in that first 2 – 3 km.  I was ok with this because a lot of runners run too hard at the start and can’t sustain it for the full distance.

At the 3-ish km mark, I saw a runner being treated by medics.  She looked like she was in pain, and I just thought to myself “I do hope she is ok”.

The 5km mark was our first turn around on one of the there and backs.  It was quite warm now, as we had no shade and were in full sun.

Werribee Mansion (2)

Coming down the ramp back into the shade of the Mansion grounds I started to overtake those that past me earlier on.

It was at the bridge around the 7km mark that I saw the woman who was being treated by medics, being wheeled away to the ambulance.  It was then I noticed that she was also an RMA’er.

Knowing this I knew I would be able to follow up with the community to see how she was doing.

With only 1km to go, we were hit with a set of stairs, which were set about 1m apart.

I powered up them, but my legs were feeling it by the time I reached the top.

The end was now in sight.

Werribee Mansion Run Finish

I did my best to try to catch the two girls in green on the sprint home, but alas that didn’t happen.

I crossed the line time of 47:51.

Werribee Mansion Finish Medal (2)

The course was slightly long according to my Polar, but I’m still happy with my time.

Overall I was happy with how I ran this race.

My average pace was 4:47, and I ran an even split (1st 5km, same pace as the 2nd 5km).


Now if you are wondering what happened to the woman who was being treated, she is ok.

Top – RMA
Bottoms – Rockwear Running Skirt
Socks – Thorlo’s
Shoes – Under Armour Gemini 2
Underwear – Bonds

Have you ever had to pull out during an event?
Have you ever helped someone who was injured?

8 thoughts on “Race Recap: Werribee Mansion Run”

  1. Love reading your race recaps. This one needs to be on my bucket list. Oh Lordy Lord last year two races I ended up helping runners in distress. By the time I got to Melbourne HM my bestie texted me before the start and said “you realise there are medics on course don’t you!!”. First one was the run against the train Queenscliff/Drysdale – a runner had had a heart attack, it was scary scary stuff. Mind you there was about 10 runners all taking it in turns to do compressions whilst waiting for the ambulance he was in a really bad way, I helplessly put my arm around his wife. He survived but it really looked touch and go (I booked myself in for a refresher first aid course the every next day). The second time was later that year a runner in the Koroit/Warrnambool HM was down – there were three of us who came across him. I think it was due to the heat and he possibly was dehydrated. The ambulance arrived not long after I had, but I was able to ring the Race Director and find out from his bib number his name for the ambos and the Race Director came out to meet them. It’s quite confronting to come across this.

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    1. I had to go back and look through the photo’s to have a look, and yes on of your girls is in the shot.

      A tip for getting faster is to run faster, yeah I know sounds so stupid but it’s true. I have a collection of speedwork sessions on my blog, so feel free to check those out.
      They will def help to get your pace down.
      What distance are you planing for Melb?
      I haven’t decided if I want to do the half at Melb, I didn’t get the pb I wanted at Wings, but too many events, not enough time.

      Thanks for visiting.

      1. I’ll be doing the full marathon. It will be 7th at Melbourne… I’m keen to get that green Spartan singlet! I’ll check out your tips on getting faster – cheers!

        1. I’m done with obstacle racing for the time being. Tired of doing them alone.

          Oh wow 7 marathons at Melb, awesome. I have no interest in doing a marathon. Might consider one when I turn 42 (in 6 years time), we’ll see.

          1. we must be the same age! My goal is to get my Spartan singlet the same year I turn 40 🙂 4 to go!

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