Product Review: Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2

Brand: Under Armour
Shoe: Speedform Gemini 2
Size: Womens US 9.5
Terrain: Road
Arch Support: Neutral
Use: Normal Training
Offset: 8mm

“When I was asked by Running Heroes to review the new Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 shoe, of course, I said yes.

I mean hello, shoes?! What girl doesn’t love shoes?

And what runner is going to say no to a new pair of runners?


The team at Under Armour wanted to develop a shoe that fell into three categories: Their mission is to provide runners with everything they need to achieve their running goals.

Having worn these shoes for various training runs I can now give my full honest opinion.

Upon opening the box I was confronted with a shoe design unlike any other shoe I have ever owned.

UA-Gemini 2-a

It has:

  • Soft outer fabric
  • Firm sole but with cushioning
  • Seamless stitching
  • Flexibility in the shoe laces
  • Fun bright colour/s
  • Heel lock option with lacing
  • Hugs the foot

Now the real fun begins by putting the shoe through its paces (pun intended).

Run 1 – Parkrun

I laced up the shoes and hit the pavement to do 4:1 running intervals at Parkrun Point Cook with my 9-year-old daughter.

While this was a slow and easy run for me, my initial impressions were that the shoe was soft, comfortable and well-fitted.

Run 2 – Werribee Mansion Run

Werribee Mansion Under Armour

With the shoes officially broken in the day before, now the real test would be a fast-tempo run at the Werribee Mansion Run.

Again, the shoe was comfortable, well fitted, and was able to handle the mixed terrain course with ease.

Run 3 – SAAC Telstra Shop Handicap

Our local club run would be my last test run before I made up my final opinion on these shoes.

A flat fast course, saw me winning the event in a handicap time of 42:32 (actual time 30:12).

My Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a believer that a running shoe or any shoe for that matter should feel like an old friend.

The Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 is that old friend you want in your life.

Hitting the pavement for the long, mind-clearing run is a ritual for any mum runner.

This shoe is comfortable, it moulds to you, and gives you the support and cushioning you need to make it through those Ks.

As a mum runner, we need to make our workouts count, and with this shoe, I felt like I could just keep going.

Run with Fight. Run with the Gemini 2.

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