South-Eastern Slider

This weekend Tom & I have been working in the garden tidying it up.

Home Garden

Grass is useless here. We tend to grow weeds, not grass anyway.

Currently, we have no grass.  It’s all dead because of summer.

Instead of grass, we decided to wood-chip it (with a weed mat underneath).

We haven’t quite finished the job, but it’s looking much better already.

While shovelling wood chips into the wheelbarrow, I could hear a scratching sound.

I asked Tom if he could hear it.  At first, he thought I was talking about an electric scooter that had just gone past.

It of course was not that.

We tried to move some of the wood chips in the wheelbarrow to see if we could find what it was.  We thought it may be a cricket, a cicada, or a bee. It was neither of those.

It wasn’t until we tipped the chips out that we discovered what it was.

There at the bottom of the wheelbarrow was a South-Eastern Slider.

Tom and I love skinks, and this one was no exception. We were both thrilled to discover that it was he that was making the noise.

We relocated him into the earth under the lavender.

Here is hoping he is happy in his new home.

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