A Memory

On one of our recent trips to Melbourne, we started looking through old photos.

I was looking for a particular photo of me as a kid that is a spitting image of Kayla.

I couldn’t find the photo, but the memories that were brought up looking at the old photos, oh what’s not to love?

From photos of bad haircuts to daggy dresses to weight gain, and weight loss.  You name it, it was there.

These photos haven’t been scanned yet, so hence a photo of a photo, but they still tell a story.

Mat 5

I’m 5 in this photo.  I know this because on my 4th Birthday I had at Kinda.

We were living in Mt Newman, a small mining town in WA.

I remember swinging on the clothesline.

I remember that the trampoline broke and it was up against a tree in the backyard, which we converted into a chubby house.

I remember playing at the high school (as it was over the road from our house), on the weekends.

I remember we randomly opened a combination lock of one of the lockers.

I remember my friends Mark, Anya & my BF Kellie.

Those were the days.

This photo of me celebrating a birthday milestone reminds me of my daughter.

Sleeping Mat

It’s funny the things you remember.

I don’t remember the teddy I’m sleeping on. Or the pj’s. But I do remember those bed sheets and that orange blanket, which I still have and use to this day.

It’s in this photo I see my son Miles.

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  1. I don’t remember these photos but I do remember the trampoline/cubby house and exploring at the high school.

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