Bega Parkrun #2

The closest Parkrun to Stawell is Ballarat. Which is 90 minutes away.

Or I could go to Hamilton Parkrun which is 97 minutes away.  But they haven’t officially opened yet.  They will be having their début on the 10th of October 2015.

This is why when I’m in Melbourne visiting my parents I visit the Point Cook Parkrun. I don’t get there very often though.  In fact, I have only ever run 5 Parkrun events (including this Bega one), in a year!

When I discovered that Bega had just started up a Parkrun, I got excited.  It would mean I could go visit them while I was on the Sapphire Coast on holiday.

Began Parkrun #2

Bega Parkrun is situated at the Old Racecourse, which is right on the edge of town, along the mighty Bega river.


It’s such a picturesque location and has so much character because of the old Racecourse buildings.

The course is a big loop with two there and backs.  One of those there and backs involved going over a bridge (twice).  I don’t know what it is about bridges and running, but I get vertigo.  Luckily this bridge was short and I was able to deal with it.

I will admit I ran the first km too fast, but at least I wasn’t the kid in front of me who spewed his guts out 20m from the finish line.  He was doing so well too.  Obviously went too hard and his body told him no more.

I hope he was able to redeem himself at the next event.

Parkrun is a free weekly timed run, with locations all over the world. Held in pleasant parkland on weekend mornings, Parkrun is open to all ages.

To find your closest location please visit the Parkrun Website.

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  1. So excited I’m doing my first Park Run tomorrow, at the new Hamilton one, at their first one. Will obviously be a blog post on it !! 😉

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