Music: Winters End

Winter is officially over for us here in Australia. Woot!  I’m so happy that days are getting longer and slightly warmer.

On sunny days I’ve been eating my lunch outside, and the sun is just so glorious.  You don’t realise how much you miss it until it comes back.

I have decided to move away from monthly music mixes. Instead, they will be more seasonal.  That and I’m listening to more rockmyrun mixes or audiobooks.

This particular mix is awesome for a fartlek run.  I found it gave me the right boost when I needed it.

winters end

Brandy’s “Right Here” was the perfect cadence tempo.  My feet just fell into a perfect rhythm with the beat.


3 thoughts on “Music: Winters End”

  1. I am soooo not with it with music, I don’t know who half of those artists are !! haha I need to mix it up with the music I think. Hey and the sun, it’s glorious but then it’s a big tease and it gets cold again. Bah.

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