High Five Friday #23

I have been feeling very uninspired lately.  This is by no means your fault.  I will blame the tail end of winter.

You see spring is in the air.  I can feel it. That, and I need a good break from the same routine.  So yay to the holidays! I’m looking forward to getting away and getting inspired.

I had to dig deep to find photo’s to give a high five for.  Yep, I told you struggling with inspiration.

But in saying that, you can find inspiration and beauty everywhere you just need to let go.

Five Pictures

HHF #23

1. The Run The Gap fitness park has a new addition.  A Monkey Frame! The kids are so going to love this (they haven’t seen it yet).

2. Making an Alice in Wonderland-inspired tutu as a costume for the up-and-coming Wonderland Run.  I won’t be running it (as I can run it anytime, it’s my home turf), but will be the photographer on the day.

3. I loved my spibelt, but it no longer is serving my purpose.  The fuel belt I had was just ill-fitting.  I ended up paying them forward and to some other Running Mums, and decided to get this Ultra Inspired belt.

I love it! I will do a full review of it soon.

4. While travelling home from Melbourne, we were like “what is that thing in the sky”, it took us a while to realise it was a blimp.  Kids thought it was the bee’s knees.

5. Now the weather is warming up I’m enjoying my smoothies more.  What I like about this particular recipe is that it doesn’t use bananas.  You can find it here.

Five Links

1. Running – Every runner needs hills in order to get faster.  I tried out this technique to run up hills more efficiently and guess what it works.

2. Fitness – I love coming across different methods to achieving a handstand.  I will be honest and my handstand training has been on pause this winter, so I’m building myself back up. But check out Do You Yoga’s Beginner’s Guide Handstands.

3. Food – Do you have a cast iron skillet? Well did you know that for it to be a ‘non’ stick you need to season it?  It’s super easy, but if you add plenty of fat to what you are cooking, you won’t have to season it as often. How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet.

4. Inspiration – While I haven’t read the book yet (it’s on my to-be-read list), Vanessa’s story still spoke to me.  When running becomes an obsession.

5. RunMum – Want to know a bit more about me? This is who I am – Behind the name.

What will you give a high five today?

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