We all should know the story of Cinderella.

Cinderella is a story of a kind, loving country girl, who receives no love or acceptance from her stepfamily.

She lives to serve them, and she feels like she doesn’t exist.

Her only friends are her farm animals.

Then one day the entire kingdom is invited to a grand ball at the palace.

When she is told by her stepmother she can not go, she wouldn’t feel left out, unloved and alone.

All anybody wants is to belong.

On the night of the ball, her fairy godmother comes before her and gives her the opportunity to go, the only restriction is that she is back by midnight.

Dressed to the nine’s Cinderella gets to go to the ball, and has a wonderful time with the Prince.  Of course the Prince finds Cinderella enchanting.

Yet when she hears the clock strike midnight, she must flee, although she would rather spend more time with the Prince.

While fleeing she loses her shoe.

Run Quotes #1 - Cinderalla

These shoes changed Cinderella’s life forever.

Without the shoes, Cinderella would never have had the opportunity to change her life.

While the shoes changed Cinderella’s life they never changed who she was, the kind-hearted loving girl she always was.

Life’s short, get the shoes, then go run.

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