High Five Friday #20

June has been a big massive month.

So make sure you pop in tomorrow for coffee so we can catch up.

In the meantime, let’s give a High Five to these Five Pictures & Links.

Five Pictures


.1. For my birthday I was given a heart rate monitor (aka hrm).  It pairs with my watch, and also my phone via Bluetooth.  I’m really loving it, especially when it tells me I’m “elite”.

.2. One morning I walked into the bathroom and I was wondering why the window was pink.  I went to the kitchen and looked out the window to discover a sky of colour. What a spectacular sunrise.

.3. It was a winning trifecta at a run club in this household

.4. The halfway point of my long run.  The surroundings were shrouded in the morning sun.  Still made for a hard run.

.5. My monkey boy.  Did you use to do this as a kid? I know I did.

Five Links

.1. Running – I made it into the local newspaper again.  You can read my running article here.

.2. Yoga – Running every day made me realise the true benefits of Yoga.  Warrior Pose had to be one of my favourite poses that helped release my sore and tired hips.

.3. Nutrition24 Must-See Diagrams have been floating around the net for the past month.  I saved it because there were a couple of tips that I got a lot out of.  Especially tip 5 & 6 about building a smoothie. Which I have been really enjoying after my long runs.

.4. Inspiration – Nia Shanks says it perfectly with why you should do the Opposite of Popular. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should be doing it too.

.5. RunMum – With Run Melbourne coming up soon, I thought I would share my journey into my first half Marathon from back in 2013.  There aren’t any pictures and the formatting is cringe-worthy but the story is there.

What do you want to high Five this week?

2 thoughts on “High Five Friday #20”

  1. Oh dear, I’ve missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday! Good pressie choice. Congrats on the media article. Brilliant.

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