High Five Friday #11

Today is Friday and I should be feeling Woot!  Instead, I’m feeling meh, or more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hopefully, my mood changes later, as I do have a late work shift tonight.

So let us begin today’s HHF with Pictures!

Five Pictures

High Five Friday #11

.1. One of the running forums I am a part of on Facebook, constantly has mums (as they are all mums), posting photos of their new workout gear.  I may have been feeling a bit jealous, seeing all these bargains that people were getting.

So I decided on a wimp to type in “Brooks + Sale” into google.  I clicked on the shopping tab, and came across Harvey Norman selling shoes.

Now if you are not Australian you will not understand how bizarre it was to discover that Harvey Norman is selling shoes (online store).  You see Harvey Normal sells fridges, freezers, computers, furniture and whatnot.  Shoes! Yeah, I was shocked.

When I came across my beloved Brooks Pure Cadence 2’s for an unbelievable price, I couldn’t resist, I had to get them.

They arrived two days after I order them.  Super stoked! I have named them “Cade”, and we had a run just me and her the other day and it was wonderful.

.2. The kids spent some time with my parents. As they weren’t home when we were leaving their place, we decided to leave them a little message. Written by both the kids. Can we say ‘Adorable’.

.3. My new GPS watch.  The Polar M400.  I love it, a review will be coming soon.

.4. This picture is missing a tree.  A westringia was there.  I say was, because it was falling over (quite literally), and when we went to push it back, it snapped off at the stump.  It was completely rotten.

.5. We went to Halls Gap to visit family.  We decided to head down to the creek to get fresh air.  Miles was not interested at all and was being a grump.  That was until we got there and had ‘leaf & stick’ boat races.  He did not want to leave he was having so much fun.

Five Links

.1. Regardless of fitness level, training for any distance is hard work.  So when I came across this article written by Zoey I couldn’t have agreed with her more Why your Marathon is not more impressive than my 5k

.2. They say the best time to get creative is when you are bored. Sometimes you just have to dive right in and get the wheels rolling.  So when is the best time to start?  Right now.  Not later, or tomorrow or next year. Where am I going with this? Well, it all starts with Christine from Love Life Surf sharing this article on her High Five Friday post last week.  I loved it so much that I just had to share it too. Stop Waiting

.3. Rock climbing is hard work.  So when I came across these two rock climbers who climbed El Capitan I was left in awe.  El Capitan Climb

.4. Burpees are the type of exercise that really test your fitness.  However if you have an injury or just starting out, or if you want the correct form, then check out Jen Sinkler’s Burpee Substitution post

.5. Sunday marks the last day of my 21-day sugar detox (aka 21dsd).  I’m sleeping more, yet still tired.  I have lost weight (on the scales), but haven’t noticed it in my clothes.  Fasting is also working well for me.

In the meantime here are 21 reasons why you should do a sugar detox

Five Overseas Places

Today’s post was technically a follow-up on yesterday’s 5 places in Australia I want to visit. This is why I’ve incorporated it into today’s High Five Friday.

.1. The Grand Canyon
.2. New Zealand (South Island)
.3. Botswana (or any other African Safari)
.4. France
.5. Iceland

Want to know my reasons why? Ask in the Comments.

What 5 places do you want to visit?

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