High Five Friday #8

I haven’t been very active on Instagram lately.  For a couple of reasons.

  1. I’ve been working lots
  2. My phone died

But I have a new phone now, so you will see me being more active.

In the meantime here is the low down of what has been happening since the last High Five Friday.

Five Pictures

.1. The Kids have a whiteboard at my parent’s house. They like to set up a cafe and of course, inform us of what is on the menu.

Both kids wrote on the menu.  Tom added the 1x smile-free.

.2. This was dinner the other night.  Chicken & egg pie.  Always a winner in this house.

.3. Miles made this Peacock, isn’t it just gorgeous? He has made some wonderful things this year.

.4. My new RMA hat.  It’s super comfy and will get lots of use this summer.

.5. While sitting down at my desk I found this random note from Kayla.  How adorable is she?

Five Links

.1. I use Gmail.  Have since the day google created it.  But I can not believe I never knew this little hack.

Canned Responses. Seriously, where have you been all my (Gmail) life?!

You can thank me later.

.2. This one has been floating around the net lately, but it’s just beautiful.  The only reason I decided to watch it is that she is a runner, and her name is Kayla (the same as my daughter).
So watch the reason why Kayla falls into her trainer’s arms.  You will be moved.  And it will make you believe in the impossible.

.3. Another heartwarming story.  This time about a dog, and some extreme runners.

.4. The cost of getting lean is a great article that really puts things into perspective.  Are those abs really worth it?

.5. I never had lego growing up.  I always wanted lego, but I never go it.  Moving multiple times means getting rid of stuff.

My kids on the hand have lego, and they love lego.  It also means that I get my lego fix.

When I watched the lego movie for the first time, I was really impressed with the message, that creativity isn’t limited.  Anything is possible.

So when Kidspot posted this article about lego, I thought “well-played lego” well played. 40 years on and you are still getting it right.

What are you high-fiving this week?

2 thoughts on “High Five Friday #8”

  1. Yum, the chicken egg pie looks fabulous! I got the cooking bug yesterday too and made a similar dish Turkey pot pie, I impressed myself with my mad cooking skills LOL…
    I go through phases on Instagram, I’ll go strong for a week and then the next week I am like non-existant on it. I really need to try harder, I have the best interaction on it and have nearly given up on Facebook:)

    1. I love homemade pie.
      Tom made a turkey pot pie a few weeks ago, and omg, drool, was delicious. He can make that again any time.
      I’m sure your pie was awesome too.
      I wish I could give up facebook, but there is a running group on there that I really like. Might see if I can give it up for a few days. We’ll see.

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