High Five Friday #2

Another Friday has rolled around.

Spring is in the air and I’m loving it.

There is no doubt that I have been soaking up this glorious sunshine. I mean seriously who wouldn’t after a cold winter.

Just so you know I don’t plan doing a high five post every week.  I’m thinking fortnightly (every second week), or whenever I strike the fancy.

This week has been another jam-packed week, and it’s only going to get busier with the weather getting warmer.

High Five Friday 2

Five Pictures

Are you following me on Instagram? No? Well you should.

  1. Offically broke in my Glycerin12 at Sandy Point.
  2. I entered to do Run From the Hills, in November, so I’m switching my long run to trail runs up in the Grampians.
    I have also tested out a new electrolyte drink.  I have had to modify my hydration vest to fit the water bottle, but so far it’s a product I like.  I will test it out again in the next long run and a review will be on the blog soon.
  3. My parents came back from a trip overseas and I got these wonderful placemats.  They are so colouful and bright, I love them.
  4. Today (Friday), my daughter got up at sparrows fart (for her 5:45 am), to go on a school excursion.  Needless to say, she is super excited.
  5. On Monday Miles wasn’t feeling 100% so I kept him home from school.  He did do a weights session with me, it was so super cute.

Five Other Things

  1. If you didn’t already know, I love Chalene Johnson, so when I discovered that she had released a new podcast, I knew that I would be listening to it.
  2. I made Danielle Walkers crepes recipe, and they failed again. I have found a new recipe, and that’s how I came across this site (as it was linked in the ebook).
  3. My friend Shell posted this on her Facebook wall, and I haven’t laughed so hard like that in a long time.  It’s a must watch – Sideway’s Scene
  4. I watched Part 2 of the Gut Reaction on Catalyst. What a major eye-opener, and makes me want to get Miles off gluten even more (hence the gluten-free pancakes).
    You can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.
  5. Just today I came across this article by Jen Sinkler – Fit but Flatulent?

Is the world trying to tell me something? Who knows, but I just love learning all this stuff.

 What do you High Five this week?

8 thoughts on “High Five Friday #2”

  1. You put a smile on my face! I love learning too, sometimes I get into certain things for a while then move onto something else:)
    The You Tube Video “sideway scene” just made me laugh so much, Love it!
    Love your pictures, your son with the little weight, too cute!

    1. I’ve always loved “who’s line is it anyway” and had no idea they had new seasons (I’ve only ever see the Drew Carey shows), but omg, I laughed so hard, it was great, gez they are good at it.
      The weights he was lifting were 1kg. It was so cute, he was also marking down how many reps he did too, just adorable.

  2. My high five this week? 1. Ran a pretty good run with the ladies on Friday, 2. Almost hit 15 touches in boot camp, 3. Went for a 2-a-day workout on Monday which was tough, 4. Made some delicious watermelon and pineapple juice with mint – REFRESHING and 5. Slept in a little today.

    1. I know a lot of useless information, but you never know when it will come in handy.
      This year I’ve really be expanding my reading with loads more non fiction stuff, it’s like being in school but not, kwim?

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