Product Review: Brooks Glycerin

This is a sponsored post curtsey of RunZone, The Athlete’s Foot Australia

It all started when I was emailed asking if I would like to be given an opportunity to write a blog post for

I had never heard of TheGlow so I had a look around and was impressed with what I saw.  I responded back stating that I love to be given the opportunity to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

First up it meant getting fitted for a pair of shoes at The Athlete’s Foot (aka TAF).

Now I’ve bought shoes from The Athlete’s foot before but I’ve never actually been fitted there before.


I was warmly welcomed by Felicity at the Horsham store. She asked me a series of questions to determine which shoe would be my best fit, noting it all down in my Fitting Card.
Activities – Running.  Mostly on road and granitic sand.  I also run on trails, but I have trail shoes specifically for trail running *.
Distance per week – This varies for me depending on what I’m training for.  It could vary anywhere from 20 to 40km a week.
Injuries – No, but I do sometimes get blister balls
Foot Information – Felicity took not only my measurements for my foot length, but also the length of my Arch as well as the width of my of foot **.

The next part of the process was to use FITZI.

I took off my socks and walked across the FITZI sensor which not only mapped out my foot strike but also recorded my walking gait.


It was then decision-making time.  Which shoe to pick?  I ended up narrowing it down to 2 shoes.
I ended up choosing the Brooks Glycerin.

A Sweet Shoe for an Entry Level Runner

The Glycerin 12 shoes are made by Brooks.

They are designed for runners that have a neutral foot strike, but who also enjoy cushioning.

The Brooks Glycerin 12 is a shoe that not only will give you cushioning but it will also give you the support and comfort you need and want.

For those of you that like to know what the heel-to-toe drop is, the Glycerin has a 10mm drop. For further “technical” details on the shoe check out Brooks or TAF websites.

While every foot is different the Glycerin 12’s a great training shoe, or for those who are looking into transitioning from walking to running.

For more information on where to get fitted, or to find your closest store please check out The Athlete’s Foot website.


* – For 2 reasons:

  1. So as to not damage my road shoes, and
  2. Trail shoes are also made out of more durable material in their upper body and sole. The sole also is designed to have more traction which is required for the different types of terrain you will encounter on trails.

** – I always knew that my left foot was bigger than my right foot, but not by half a size.  You always fit for the bigger foot, this is why it’s vital to be aware of your shoe size so you can get the correctly fitted shoe.
Knowledge is power, and these findings were pure nuggets of gold for me.  Don’t be afraid to ask to keep your fitting card, because your feet can change, especially if you have lost weight. They make great references for future purchases.

While I am not a health care practitioner all opinions are my own. This is no substitute for professional advice.

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    1. You know what I only thought TAF was an aussie thing, that’s good to know.
      I do love Brook’s “run happy” philosophy, but I think all the running brands have good philosophies.
      At the end of the day it’s about finding a shoe that fits your foot, and is comfortable for you. This is why I’m not brand loyal.

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