SAAC Race Recap: Stawell Toyota

Spring was definitely in the air in the last week of winter, and it was just divine.

For this weeks club run, I had to dust off the running shorts and singlet because it was warm and sunny. The sun was out and it was just glorious.
The kids were off first.  Miles had a nice 2min handicap.  He hasn’t won a single race this year, and he really was determined to get a medal or a trophy.

Miles got his first win and a trophy. His running has improved, he’s not doing the “cliffy shuffle” as much and showing a better technique.  He went slow, just like the turtle, and overtook the hare at the end.  So proud of my boy. He ran that 1km in 7:19.  I know some adults that can’t run that fast.

Kayla also did a fantastic job and placed 3rd, and ran her 1km in 5:25.

As for me, well I had a game plan for this race, and that was not to win.  It’s not often I get to say that, but I did not want to win this race.

Winning would been I would get a harder handicap. That would mean making winning future events just that little bit. hard.

My game plan is the upcoming 16km run. I’d love to win it, but only time will tell.

Somehow during the season I ended up being a ‘fast’ runner.  Today’s run I was the 2nd last person to leave, it felt odd to be classified as a ‘fast’ runner, as I sure as hell don’t feel fast.

The goal for this club run was to keep a steady 5km pace. Soon after that first kilometer I realised I wouldn’t have been able to go faster anyway.  With a combination of tired heavy legs (from a long run and leg day) with the warmer weather, I just wasn’t feeling it.

After the 4km mark Meggy past me.  I was now the last runner on the course, but not for long.  By the 6km mark, I past Narelle.  By 7km I overtook Gary.  And on the home stretch, I stepped it up and sailed past Sandra.

I didn’t win. Yay! I placed 6th.

The next club run is the 10km Youngs Sportspower race.  Yep, that’s right, I plan to be mediocre in this race too.

4 thoughts on “SAAC Race Recap: Stawell Toyota”

  1. Congrats to both your kids! That is awesome that Miles got his first win. You seriously take awesome race photo’s of your kids, great photography skills!!!
    I think I have said this before, but I love the handicapp thing, we don’t get it here. But it would be really fun and interesting to try a race series like that sometime.

    1. Tom takes the pictures (yep photographer too). He does a great job, and the club loves the photo’s.
      The handicapping system makes it fair, and it really helps you to improve your time.
      Working out the handicap times however can be tricky. When our handicapper retires, not too sure what we’ll do, need to find an online program or app or create one ourselves

  2. Fantastic run by the kids (yeah and you too mum!!!) Love that the kids are taking after you, so better watch out. Great photos. And yep the weather, the beautiful Spring weather just makes you want to go out and run.

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