Run The Gap 12km Race Recap

Run the Gap is close to my heart for many reason. May-Button-Clairey

  1. It was my first local running event.
  2. It was where I met Tom
  3. I was on the committee for this years (2014) event.
  4. Tom & I got the 21km trail event up and running.

Being on the committee and running the event on the same day is a lot of hard work, let me tell you, but so worth it.

It was another successful year with over 660 entries for the event.

Although I would I have loved to have run the trail event, that will be next year. I still had a great time running the event.

I knew the course, I knew the terrain, and I knew what I was up against. My goal was to run a 5min pace (8min mile).  I didn’t want to go out too hard at the start, and then have nothing left in me for the end. I also didn’t want to push my limits so soon after recovering from tonsillitis and then a cold.

The May weather was spectacular. It was perfect running temperature, warm, but not too warm.  No wind this year which was a plus.

The 12km race was scheduled for 8am.  It started on the dot, I was too busy gas bagging to a friend that I nearly didn’t get away.

Starting on School Rd, the course follows the bike path to Tandara road, where we turned on to head to the single track Fyans Creek loop.  From here we headed into an open plain.  Normally it’s filled with kangaroo’s and emu’s (and their poo), but I’m sure they all go scared off by the faster runners.

We then headed over the creek, and took a left turn into a open grassy meadow of national park.

No run is complete without “A Hill”.  This particular hill is the (Tymna) road that takes runners up to the Bellfield wall.
The wall might be hard work to get up, but once you are up there it’s all downhill from there.

Lake Bellfield lake was like glass that morning it was just magical. I can walk the wall no problem, but when I run the wall, I have to run in the centre, otherwise I get a feeling of vertigo.  After talking to some other runners after the event, I learned I’m not the only one this happens too.

We then took the track back into town, running past the Parks Victoria office and the Brambuk centre.

This year we made a modification to the course. We ran in another grassy knoll of the National Park.  This saved us crossing a busy road twice.  I know some people didn’t care for the grass, but that’s part of the experience.

The last few km I ran with one of my running club friends.  She said she had to run me down to catch up to me. It was great running with her because it kept me accountable. RunTheGap-RunMum

The advantages of knowing the course, is that I know when I can put pedal to the medal. My legs were hurting, but I felt great too.

I crossed the finish line in 59:57. My official chip time being 59:55. So yes happy with my results. Added bonus, I ran a negative split.

Click the link to view my Garmin details.

[garmin id=”506446543″]

5 thoughts on “Run The Gap 12km Race Recap”

    1. It’s a great run, the amount of positive feedback we’ve gotten so far, has been fantastic.
      The other draw card, is the free brunch we put on, the runners love that.

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