Ultimate Coffee Date #2

Where is my head? No seriously, it should be on my head right? Well then how on earth did I forget about Jill Conyers “Ultimate Coffee Date“!

I forgot because I didn’t put it in my diary!


So what would you like, a coffee, tea, hot chocolate? The choice is yours.  Today I’m choosing a Hot Chocolate.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I am blogging everyday in May!  I’ve never done a blogging challenge like this before.  It will be interesting, and I hope I make the distance, but I also hope that I don’t bore everyone to death.

I’ve done photography challenges like a Project 365 (back in 2010, you can view it over my photography page at MiCreations).  Other photography challenges I have dones are Project 52, and a few 30 day photo challengers.  They have been great and always get my creativeness flowing again.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I’m also doing a fitness challenge.  I’m dong a Spartan30 challenge of 30 burpees for 30 days.  This is prep for a Spartan Race that I’m doing at the end of the month.

Salomon Speedcross3 RunMumIf we were having coffee I would tell you that my new trail running shoes have arrived! I plan on testing them out later today.  I’m super excited! A review will happen sometime later this month.

I would also tell you over coffee that today’s allocated question of the day is “Your zodiac sign and your thoughts on star signs”.  I would tell you that I’m a Gemini, that I use to be really into Astrology, now my care factor for Astrology and star signs is zero.  I know some people are really into it and all that jazz, I know cause I use to be one of those people, but as I’ve grown up other things have become more important.

If we were having coffee I would also tell you that I have been in “Autumn Cleaning Mode”.  I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff, moved things around, and just getting rid of junk. Gez it’s a good feeling.

How do you have your coffee?
What’s your star sign, and what are your thoughts on star signs?
Do you have a regular spring cleaning? 

14 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date #2”

  1. Those are styling shoes – I have my coffee in a hurry when I get kids off and out the door, then gulp when working! Not a star sign follower but think the universe and planets do play a role in the ways of the earth!

    1. At the moment I’m really enjoying tea, and hot chocolate as a treat, but I’ve now run out :O
      It’s on the shopping list.
      Oh don’t get me wrong I do believe the universe and plants play a role in the earth that’s called astronomy, but stars predicting our fate, bahhumbug, that’s astrology.

  2. So far so good! lol I’m a Leo and other then it’s basic characteristic being spot-on for me I don’t really pay much attention to them

  3. Loving your new trail shoes, have fun breaking those in!
    I’m not a coffee drinker, but if we were sitting down to chat I’d tell you that like your Autumn cleaning, I am working right now on my own Spring cleaning:) I’m actually an Aquarius myself, I don’t know if I believe too much in signs, but then again everything they always say about my own sign, seems to ring pretty true to my own personality so maybe they do tell the truth about us a bit:) Happy Spartan training! Good luck with your May blogging challenge, that is awesome!!!

    1. They are a perfect fit, I glad I chose this colour over the maroon that I chose the first time (but got the wrong size).
      I had 2 days missing in my monthly challenge, but now they are filled. Figured out yesterday that I have the perfect blog post to fill those 2 days. Reviews! Shoes and Vest… yep plan on doing them on sep days. They will be later this month, so I can give them another test run.

  4. Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry

    Thanks for joining us for coffee. The trail shoes are darling. I have already done my Spring Cleaning and am ready and set…:) The grill has even been fired up a few times already. I am a Virgo, to organization and tasks run through my blood LOL Everything in our life is as organized and scheduled out as possible..:)

    1. Since becoming a parent I’m a lot more organised and scheduled. I never really use to be, I use to rely on my head alot, now I write it down, cause even though I remember most times, there are times when I forget.

  5. I’ll have a peppermint tea 🙂 about to head out for a day out with my mum in the beautiful kew gardens in London!
    Looking forward to the review of your trail shoes – i hope to get my hands on a pair sometime soon and have a go at trail running!
    Good luck agin for you blogging and burpee challenges this month!

    1. Nice choice on the peppermint tea, which reminds me I’m low and need to get some more.
      I got my shoes from wiggle for a great price (like $70 less than in store!), so stay tuned, as a review will happen later this month.
      Trail running is awesome, you should def give it a go.

  6. I’m in spring cleaning mode. At the rate I’m going my closet will be empty before long. What trail shoes did you get? Love the colors! I’ve never done a blogger challenge. The thought of blogging daily immediately overwhelms me.

    1. An empty closet means CLOTHES SHOPPING whoohoo,
      I bought the salomon speedcross3 they are fantastic. I love the colour too, I’ve always been a fan of orange though.
      Scheduling posts is a bloggers friend when it comes to a monthly challenge that’s for sure.

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