My day in 100 Words

May-Button-Clairey When you are a parent and it’s a school day, mornings are the same.

The difference with this morning is that I got to help out with reading in my daughters class.
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Once home, I changed into my running gear, and went for a run. Today was Championship test day, but I’m going to do gymnastics tonight so Championship test will have to wait until tomorrow.

Participated in the #HealthyWayMag Chat on Twitter.

Rode my bike to the op-shop to drop off bags of unwanted items.

Later I will be at the swimming pool watching the kids have their lessons.


5 thoughts on “My day in 100 Words”

    1. It was busy, I didn’t include I did some knitting, went to the library (picked up 2 books you recommended), and did some reading too.

      Did reading again at school today, and listened to 2 kids who’s reading could be so much better. However I also know their family circumstances, and I wish I could help out more, just breaks my heart, that these kids don’t get the lovely attention they deserve at home.

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