Barham Insurance Handicap

RunMum Barham Insurance 2014It was a fine Autumn day for run club.  The sun was out and it was shining, and it was lovely and warm, perfect temperature for this weeks run, which was the Barham Insurance handicap.


Unlike last weeks race, our handicap’s were revealed prior to the run. Slower runners starting first and the faster runners going last.  The aim: to all finish at the same time.

This week I opted to drive to the start line over running. I wanted to save my legs for the run.  Lazy? Some may say yes, I say wise however.

It was another all boy trifecta. The place getters being:

Seniors Runner Actual Handicap Race Time
1 Nat 18:35:00 14:14:00 32:49:00
2 Dave 24:00:00 9:45:00 33:45:00
3 Gary 30:19:00 4:00:00 34:19:00

As for me, my handicap time was 11:40.  Overall I came in 10th place with a race time of 36:21 (actual time 24:41). I knew by 2km that I was going to be at the back of the pack, but that’s ok.  It happens.  I’m still happy that I got a sub 25min time.
Barham Splits

Normally I go out too fast at the start and burn up my energy, not this time.
I kept a good solid pace that I was happy with, and I ended up running a negative split.
The first 2.5km I ran in 9:38.03.
The 2nd 2.5km in 9:36.8.
The last km was also my fastest. I felt strong and powerful and came home hard.

The next club run will be held in Horsham on 17th May.  It will be a flat course, so I expect some fast results.


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