Kettlebell Burpee Pyramid Workout

Remember last week when I mentioned about doing this workout?  Well I’m going to tell you about it today.

I first came across this workout back in June 2013, as that’s when Cassey from Blogilates first posted it on her blog.


I did this workout as part of my November Challenge.

Do you ever have “I must give that a go one day” workout/exercise/routine?  I bet you do, and you are not alone, I have many of them, this routine was one of them.

There is nothing like the present to get down to business and give it a go. I can do burpee’s, I can do the kettlebell swing, how hard can this workout bit? Right?!

Well let me tell you this workout is no joke.  It’s 2 moves. Yep just 2, but it will take about 50 minutes to complete.

For each kettlebell swing you do, you do 1 burpee. Sounds easy right? I mean it’s only 2 moves, it can’t be that tough? pfft 

1KB, 1BP
2KB, 2BP
3KB, 3BP
4KB, 4BP

14KB, 14BP
15KB, 15BP
14KB, 14BP

4KB, 4BP
3KB, 3BP
2KB, 2BP
1KB, 1BP

So you start at 1 kettlebell swing, 1 burpee, working your way up to 15 Kettlebell Swings and 15 Burpee’s. Then you work your way back down the ladder.

If you watch Cassey in the video you’ll see that she has modified her burpee.  It’s the “ladies” burpee.  I say “ladies” cause well she’s doing them without push-ups.  Me on the otherhand I’m hard core, I did those damn burpee’s with those damn pushups.

All up that’s 255 Kettlebell Swings (I used a 4kg /  8.8lb weight), and 255 Burpee’s.  I did it in under 50 minutes.

I will be honest, it was tough. I gave myself breaks.  I drank lots of water, and I was drenched in sweat by the end of it.  But I did it.

Have you ever done this workout?
Yes? What did you think?
No? Would you give it a go? Why / Why not?



3 thoughts on “Kettlebell Burpee Pyramid Workout”

  1. I’m giving this a go when I finally get out of this hotel! I realize I need to push myself more no matter how scary this workout looks. If I were to try it now I think people would complain about the whinny neighbor. 🙂

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