High Five Friday #17

Hello High Five Friday!

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.1. Miles ran like the wind at the club run on the weekend.  He won based on handicap.  He was so happy to get a trophy. Tough course too, because it was a downhill start, with an uphill finish.

.2. Kayla came 2nd, she tried to keep up with some boys who started with her.  They sprinted off and went too fast. She ended up overtaking them 300m in.  I always tell her to be the tortoise. She came 2nd.

.3, 4 & 5. Tom and I spend all afternoon bushwalking out in the Grampians.  We walked from MacKenzie’s falls down (not pictured) to Zumsteins via Fish Falls (image on left).  Was a sensational day for it, just a beautiful Autumn day.

5 Past RunMum Links

I thought it would be fun to dig into the archives and share some old posts.

.1. The Kettlebell Burpee Pyramid is a great workout to get you prepared for those burpees for Spartan Race.  It will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

.2. Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies.  I love brownies, who doesn’t love brownies?! Super easy and delicious.

.3. Speedwork Sessions #1 The very first speedwork sessions I shared.  Let’s just say my illustrator skills have improved.

.4. Farewell Autumn.  Since we are pretty much at the end of Autumn here I thought it was appropriate to share this one.   How quickly a year has gone.

.5. Why it‘s Ok to Fail.  A failure is an option, and it’s ok, how else will we learn?

What would you like to high-five?

5 thoughts on “High Five Friday #17”

  1. Congrats to your kids:)
    Great pictures, as you always have:) Looks like some great bushwalking area’s to visit:) I am loving that our snow is on the melt, and little sprouts of green are popping up on our mountains, I need a little hiking myself!

    1. We have loads of bush walking tracks here. I’ve lived here for 8 years and I still haven’t walked them all.
      One day I will. Never get sick of walking the same track though.

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