Good Things – The 33rd Edition

Rhi if you are reading this, yes I kinda stole borrowed your Good Things Edition title. I just thought it was entirely fitting.

Now I might not have a lot of readers following my post, but that doesn’t matter, it’s just one of my creative outlets.  That being said if you are a (regular?) reader you would have read my 33 reasons post.  This blog is the 2nd installment to that post I guess you could say.

I also did not mean for this post to be two weeks later (more like a few days later), but life happens.


My day was relaxing and carefree. It was full of love, friendship, and lots of silliness and laughter. I guess you could say that all these factors made for a great day.
I also got to go for a run (after being sick days prior), and to test out the new shoes!
I had wonderful lunch with my Beau and the inlaws.
And let’s not forget about the cake. Gez don’t I look good for 46! On my 46th birthday, I shall have 33 candles.

Good things come big and small.  Enjoy them no matter the size.

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