Shoe Follow Up

I am TOTALLY in LOVE with my new shoes.

Brooks PureCadence 2

They were well worth the purchase.  Yes I do plan on getting another pair (green I’m thinking), so I can rotate them. I’m not getting any pain while running, and it doesn’t feel like I’m running with knives stabbing into the soles of my feet.

But the other reason for this post, is the excellent post service I received from The Running Company.

Hi Matilda,

Thank you for visiting The Running Company a couple of weeks ago.

With that, we just wanted to follow up and see how your Brooks Pure Cadence’s are working for you? How are you finding them relative to your previous pair of Asics Kayano’s and has your blister and arch pain subsided in the new shoes as you begin preparing for the Melbourne Half?Also, we hope you had a good experience in our store. If you have any feedback on how we could improve what we’re doing then please know that your feedback is more than welcome.Thank you again for your support!Cheers,
My response back to them was as follows.
Hi Scott,


Thanks for the follow up email.
The new shoes have been great.  I got knocked out with a cold a couple of days after I got them, so I’ve only just broken them in.  I did however had to run our 16km club run in my kayano’s, and lets just say, it felt like running on knifes.  I only ran in my old shoes, as I haven’t had the change to wear them in on a long run yet, and I didn’t want a 16km run to be it.
So far the longest run I have been in with the brooks has only been 8km, however, no foot pain, which has been great.  I feel a lot better running and I don’t feel like a horse going clop clop (if that makes sense). I do definitely plan to have these shoes worn in for run Melbourne in 5 weeks.
Thanks again for such a wonderful shoe fitting experience, I’ve told all my friends, and left you a 5 star recommendation on Facebook. I look forward to coming back for the next pair when I’m ready.
Matilda (one happy runner, with happy feet).
But wait they responded back again
Thanks very much for the feedback and support Matilda. I really appreciate it. All good.Cheers and enjoy the cold sunshine.
Now is that service or what! Can you tell I’m impressed.  Yep I’m impressed.  So if you live on the west side of Melbourne, or down Geelong way, and are in need of new shoes, go to The Running Company, they will SERIOUSLY will take very good care of you. They also have stores in Sydney, if you go to their website it will point you in the right direction.
QOTD – When was the last time you got fitted for a pair of running shoes?

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