David O Jones Handicap

I’m Fully aware that it’s Thursday the 16th, and that this race was 5 days ago on the 11th.  I have felt really bland with a cold, and well the thought of writing up a post has been least on my mind (more so of I can’t be bothered).  So I have been resting up.

My head is not so congested now, and I have actually wanted to write this post. So yay! Here it is, even if it is 5 days late.


It was another sublime May day.  Seriously where is this awesome weather coming from, yeah I know most likely global warming, but it was the perfect running temperature.  Not too hot and not too cold. And I mean that in the not just because I’m running.  I’m talking the lets stand around while we wait for everyone else.

The David O Jones Handicap was held in the Ironbarks, and the track that we ran, was the track I ran last year and got my fasted 5km time (23:46), we did it in reverse this time.

I was given a handicap of 10.20, fairly reasonable, but I knew that I wasn’t feeling 100%.  I decided to run to the start line, which was a little be longer than I expected.  It was 2km, I thought I was only 1.5km.  By the time I got there the sub juniors were about to start running, and well Miles only wants me to run with him.  Because he is slow he had 0 (zero) handicap and we were off 1st.
His running is a fast walk for me.  Yeah I did have to carry him for a bit, but he still ran it in a fairly reasonable time for a 4 year old (who has asthma). His time was 8:31.
Kayla came third and she ran her 1km in 6:24, which is very impressive for a 6 year old.  I know some adults who can’t run that fast. Very proud of my kiddies.

So back to the race. Overall it was a great run, I wasn’t really feeling it.  I felt pretty ordinary, but I knew I wouldn’t be winning ever race.  I still ran and had a good time of 25:50.

The Winner of David O Jones Handicap was Rick, followed by Sven and then Rachel.

The fastest time went to Paris, in a very impressive 19:49.  She’s only 15.  Awesome work Paris.

I came at the back of pack, but I finished, and with a smile on my face.

David O Jones Handicap

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