Ask Yourself: Part 3 of What I’ve Learnt

Part 3 of What I’ve Learnt

Who exactly are you doing this for?

If the answer to that question is anything other than yourself, I can let you know now that you are just setting yourself up to fail.

Why? For the simple fact it needs to be you who wants to do this, and no one else. 

Yes you are going to get opinions from everyone.  From family, friends, and even people you don’t know.
Sure you may be told by a medical professional that you have to change.  But if you don’t want to change, then that change is never going to happen.

You may hit rock bottom.  And it may take you hitting rock bottom for you to change.  Sometimes we have to see ourselves at our worst to know what we don’t want.

Dec 2009This is me at my heaviest.  I was 78kg | 172lbs.  I did not like who I was back then.  I was very unhappy.  I was in an unhappy marriage, and really felt alone. Yes I had a wonderful supportive family, but it still took me another 3-4 months to say “that’s it I’ve had enough”.

Yes it took the breakup of my marriage to finally start moving forward.  Step by step I started taking better care of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Was it a hard journey? Yes, but I don’t regret any of it.  I have learnt loads, and I’m still learning, and I’m so much more happier now than I ever was.

april 2013

 So take it each day as it comes.  It will take time, but just remember you have to want it bad enough, because only then will make the much needed changes for a newer and better you.


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  1. Some people hit “rock bottom” and just fall apart. You didn’t – you moved ahead and changed your life. That’s wonderful. Congrats on the weight loss. Love the running picture – you look so strong! (Actually, I really like the other picture, too, because BABY! LOL)

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