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One thing I really love about the SAAC is that every week it’s a new course.  Even comparing the courses from last year they are different.

This particular run was in Horsham along the river.  Last year when I did this particular run, it was 1. the 1st time I ever ran 8km straight without walking and 2. it was a different track (out in Haven, which you can see here).

All I knew going into this race was that it was going to be flat.  Because Horsham is flat.  I’m serious, there are like NO hills.  And the hills they have are pathetic (no offence Horsham), more so bumps, than ‘hills’.  However one thing you can be guaranteed of is wind. So even though it was a fantastic day weather wise – mild, (neither hot or cold), there was a breeze.

So my handicap for this race was 15:40.

When my time approached I told myself be the turtle.  Turtle you say?  Well you see I’ve been teaching my kids about going slow at the start so they don’t burn out.  Hence the turtle and the hare story.  When it comes to racing we all go fast at the start, especially when you run with others.

So back to the race.  Or should I say Cat and Mouse.
Richard was 5 seconds behind me.  In the first 1km he overtook me.  My initial thoughts when this happened was “he’s going too fast he’ll burn out,  just keep pace, and you’ll catch him”. It wasn’t until about the 3rd kilometre that I past him.  He then stayed behind me until about the 5.5km mark.
When we got to Pearson’s Rd, we hit a head wind.  Richard made running in the headwind easy.  I was struggling, so yes I will admit, I let him pass me.  I just told myself, once we get back to the river where it’s sheltered I might be able to gain where I’d lost. And I was right.  It’s amazing how you can feel the shift in the wind.  When I use to do archery you could just feel it, and as soon as it changed that’s when you would go and shoot for it.  So that’s what I did.

It took about a 1km to catch up on him.  Then I saw the 7km mark, and thought, this is it, start to overtake him now, and just give it what you’ve got.

I gave it everything I had.  I was a huffing and a puffing.  But I crossed that finish line in 1st place, with Richard 2 seconds behind me in 2nd.

It really was a great race.  There is nothing like the motivation of running with someone on your tail like that to really push you that little bit more.

So if you are thinking about joining a run club, do so.

I love it.  I love the social aspect.

The SAAC running club is a fantastic family club.  Sure winning a run is awesome, and getting a prize is a bonus, but even if that didn’t happen, I’d still get enjoyment out it.  Why? Well I love to run, and those in the club love to run too, so we all share a love for something that we all enjoy to do. Also afternoon tea rocks too.

Sorry no photo for this weeks run, as my photographer was on a business trip (insert sad face here 🙁 ).

Next weeks run, is going to be a combined run with the Ararat club, and will be held at Stawell airport.  I was unable to run this one last year, so I’m looking forward to it this year. It also will be 8km, but with a win under my belt the handicapper will have his way, and I will have a higher handicap time.  Oh well, I will still run it and enjoy it.

ps. when the newspaper article comes out, I’ll attach a copy of it here. So watch this space.

pps. You can read the online version here.

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