Advanced Bricks Handicap

Saturday 20th of April was a sensational sunny Autumn day here in Stawell.  And what a fantastic turn out for SAAC run – the Advanced Bricks Handicap. It was 6.5km run through the Ironbarks.

My handicap time 12mins 15secs, and I was running with Justine & Peter.  I made sure to start my watch this time.  I was NOT going to make the same mistake that’s for sure.

The track for this particular run was a figure 8 with a bit of a loop.  Yeah makes no sense until you see a map.

Queue Garmin Data

I was really, and I mean really happy with how I ran this race.  I was happy at my pace, my tempo and my overall performance.  Sure I came in 4th, however it’s always not about winning.  I had a great time in the race, and that’s how it should be.  My running has improved tenfold.  The fact that I ran 6.5km at a 4.50 pace tells me that my goal of getting that 1h45min half marathon time is oh so much closer.

The winner of the race was Tony in a time of 40:36 (actual time 29:56).  Richard came in 2nd in a time of 42:15 (actual time 31:35), and Rhonda was 3rd in 42:38 (actual time 34:28).

Me? well as I said, I came in 4th at 43:30 (actual 31:15). A sub 32min 6.5km! Yeah baby!

And now for photo’s, cause who doesn’t love photo’s.

The next SAAC run will be held in Horsham.  Now Horsham is flat, so I hope to see some fast times.

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