If you are after a workout that is like:

Boxing | Cheer-Leading | Dancing

And is fun to boot.

Then Turbofire is for you.

Turbofire is one of my soulmate workouts (along with running).

Soulmate workout I hear you say? What do you mean?

A soulmate workout is a workout that you love to do, and where you look forward to doing it.  For me that is Turbofire.

Only someone who has done TurboFire will understand when I say “boom I got your boyfriend, I got your man” or “who’s house? my house! I’m in your house”.

It’s fun, the music gets you pumped, and it has low impact options and variety! I’ve done this workout for the full 20 weeks (yes 20 weeks) and then have also done it as a hybrid.  It’s my go-to workout.

TurboFire was the 1st Beachbody workout I got and completed.

I found out about this workout from a forum that I use to visit.  I had never heard of it before, but after a quick google search to find the infomercial, I was hooked.

Turbofire helps me lose 10kg | 22lbs. So if you are looking for something to do at home, that is mostly cardio with strength on the side, then Turbofire is for you.

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